Add a Customized Portable Building to Your Property

Add a Customized Portable Building to Your Property

We offer portable utility building and garage shed installation in Haughton, LA

Are you running out of room at your home or office? A portable building may be the solution. Jayco Portable Buildings and Steel Carports is your source for portable utility building and garden shed installation in Haughton, LA.

Our portable buildings are from Premier Portable Buildings, a trusted manufacturer. Our professionals can help you find a portable utility building, lofted barn or cabin to meet your needs. We can even customize the size, doors, windows and shelving of the buildings.

Visit us today to get the space you need at your property in Haughton, LA.

3 ways to use your portable building

Use your portable building to create the space you’ve always wanted. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Turn it into a garden shed where you keep all of your lawn equipment.
  2. Add comfy furniture, a TV and a mini refrigerator to create a man cave.
  3. Install carpet and large windows to make it a fun game room for your kids.

Our portable buildings come in all sorts of colors. Don’t delay your man cave or garden shed installation. Contact us immediately to expand your living or storage space.