Portable Buildings: customers have named their buildings and are known in the industry as the following designs:

Tiny Home - using a choice of any building style and Size turn your Portable Building or Cabine into a tiny home. it does not have to be big to be a elegant, warm and inviting arrangement with amentities including chrome faucets, stainless steel appliances

She Shed - ladies need their space too, whether crafting, knitting, quilting, sewing, or professional services like a small office or massage Parlor and maybe your very own beauty shop- be creative, it's all hers!

The Whack and Yack Parlor - only gossip and Hair going on Here, maybe even a few perms and some Nails or Hot wax studio, design your own studio with one of our portable buildings, how about an addition to a home or office needed in a hurry or a Home school building to get out of the noisy house.

Launch Pad - your teen failing to launch ! Move them into the back yard and give them some reality of bills, make a study quiet room for studying . Let your college student get the quiet time He or she needs away from the noisy siblings coming up behind in junior highschool .

So many titles and so many endless possibilities, we just need to solve problems using the items we have for sale. giving folks ideas is key to selling these buildings.

Single room economy suite, shop, utility room, a storage / shop / tools / etc.